Hello and welcome! As a tutor to students with autism, dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD, I’m often hard pressed to find the kinds of activities on the internet that capture my students’ attention. I’m always making and creating different educational opportunities with my students in mind, and for a while, I’ve mulled over whether I should share these with you.  I’ve decided to take that leap, and enter the great digital unknown.

HeadSpace Tutoring is all about using our five senses to explore and learn about the world around us. I’ll be posting games, activities, and printables that encompass this philosophy. I do get inspiration from other bloggers, and will always try to credit them when appropriate, however I will never directly post anything that I did not make with my own two hands. Everything will be free, with the hope that students around the country and maybe even the world can use these tools to create a better future for themselves. I invite you to kindly leave your comments, suggestions, and links because sharing is caring!

HeadSpace is all about learning through enjoyment. Thanks for stopping by!